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    來源:http://www.atvolunteers.com 日期:2018-02-05



    The coating of steel structure is related to the quality of products in the future, and we should take it seriously. So what should we pay attention to when painting steel structure? Let's take a look at the statement of Jinan C-section steel manufacturer.


    The following work should be done well in the painting quality of steel structure engineering: (1) Strict acceptance and acceptance of the rust removal quality of steel components according to the grade of design requirements;


    (2) Check the quality certificate of the raw materials for painting and the approval certificate of the fire protection department for the fire protection paint.


    (3) Before painting, the dirt, oil and other impurities on the surface of components should be thoroughly removed.


    (4) Painting should be carried out in a dustless and dry environment, and the temperature and humidity meet the requirements of the specifications.



    (5) The number of brushing times and the thickness of the coating should meet the design requirements.


    (6) The damage of the coating should be carefully treated to ensure the quality of the coating.


    (7) Check the adhesion of the coating carefully;


    (8) Strict inspection and acceptance of the appearance to ensure that the painting quality meets the requirements of specifications and standards.


    This article is provided by Jinan C-section steel manufacturer. For more information, please click: http://www.atvolunteers.com. We will use advanced technology and sincere attitude to provide you with comprehensive services. More relevant knowledge will be contributed to you one after another. Coming soon!




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