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    來源:http://www.atvolunteers.com 日期:2022-08-25


    C-shaped steel should look like C in the literal sense. In fact, it is the same. In addition to C-shaped steel, there are also Z-shaped steel in the building materials market. During the installation of C-shaped steel equipment, a lot of problems should be paid attention to. The following Jinan C-shaped steel manufacturer will talk about what problems should be paid attention to during the installation of C-shaped steel?


    Before erection, the person in charge of the unit shall carry out * * technical scheme according to the requirements, and both parties shall sign on the implementation. When erecting the pole, two people shall cooperate to connect the cross bar and the pole.



    In the construction industry, everyone's division of labor is different. Not all scaffolders can take up their posts. They should hold effective work permits and do a good job of protection. They should wear hats and belts. They should not wear shoes with plastic soles. Slippery shoes are not easy to work at height. During operation, some small tools should be put into tool bags, and the cuffs and trouser legs should be fastened to prevent the risk of being hung.


    Pay attention to the politeness deviation during the construction of C-shaped steel machinery, and check every step of construction. You should be familiar with the structure of the building and the characteristics of the environment.


    C-shaped steel is a kind of high-efficient building material. Because the cross-sectional shape can play a higher effect and improve the bearing capacity, different I-shaped steels have different characteristics and uses. Another name of C-shaped steel machine is C-shaped steel sandalwood bar machine, which is also a very basic one among yawa machines, mainly liquid power.


    The power is large, the device is flat, and the C-shaped steel machine adopts automatic flying data punching. The greater feature is simple operation, which is mainly used in large and medium-sized civil buildings. If you have any questions, please come to our website http://www.atvolunteers.com Consult!



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