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    來源:http://www.atvolunteers.com 日期:2022-08-25


    The use of color steel sandwich panels is actually a lot in our life, and the customization of color steel sandwich panels is also a processing method we often choose. It also has many advantages. Jinan Caigang sandwich panel factory will explain to you below:


    Color steel sandwich panel has the following advantages:


    1. Light square meter weight less than 14kg can fully reduce the structural load and reduce the structural cost.


    2. Fast installation: the composite plate has the characteristics of light weight, splicing installation and free cutting, which determine its simple installation, greatly improve the efficiency and save the construction period.


    3. The surface material and thermal insulation material of fire-resistant color composite sandwich panel can fully meet the requirements of fire protection specifications.



    4. A variety of studies on durability and extensive use abroad for more than 40 years have confirmed that the shelf life of color steel plates treated with special coating is 10-15 years. After that, the anti-corrosion coating is sprayed every 10 years, and the service life of the plates can reach more than 35 years.


    5. The beautiful profiled steel plate has clear lines and dozens of colors, which can meet the needs of any style of buildings and achieve satisfactory results


    6. Thermal insulation: the commonly used thermal insulation materials of the composite board include rock wool, glass fiber wool, polystyrene, polyurethane, etc., with low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation effect.


    7. High strength: the high-strength steel plate is used as the base material (tensile strength 5600kg / cm), and the advanced design and rolling forming have good structural characteristics.


    General color steel sandwich panels are made in the same general specification and style, which is not very convenient for us, and sometimes we need to process them before they can be used, which is undoubtedly inconvenient.


    There is no such trouble in the customization of color steel sandwich panels. We can process and customize according to our actual use conditions, so that we can produce plates that meet our use requirements. It is very beneficial to shorten our construction cycle and save a large number of plates. Therefore, why not customize color steel sandwich panels? For more information, please visit our website http://www.atvolunteers.com Consult!



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