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Why Volunteer with us?

  1. A Certificate and recommendation letters is awarded to all volunteers on completion of their project, which looks good on your CV
  2. Enhances your skills
  3. Meet new friends from all walks of life across many fields
  4. Boosts your confidence
  5. Visit the exotic and tropical countryside of West Africa and its historic sites and beautiful coasts
  6. Flexibility to undertake adventure treks through the Gambia and Senegal
  7. Add backpacking after the voluntary work - you can explore Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone or Mali quite easily using local transport links.
  8. Exciting volunteer projects are available from one month upwards - tailored to suit you
  9. Orientation and training provided as part of the package
  10. Flights, food and accommodation are included for all placements
  11. We have good local contacts and a local office
  12. We operate in peaceful, democratic areas of Western Africa
  13. We work closely with several colleges and schools, community leaders and the local people
  14. We have educated African guides who can share their local knowledge of Africa
  15. We Meet and Greet at the local airport
  16. There is an emergency mobile helpline and a Gambian or Senegalese buddy to help you
  17. We will organise your residence papers at no extra cost
  18. We can arrange for friends and families to visit you
  19. We live here! So we provide a personal service!

What We're Looking For?

We are always looking for participants with the following skills:

  1. Education and Teaching
  2. Languages - especially English and French teaching
  3. Health
  4. Tourism
  5. Media, Radio, Television and Journalists
  6. IT and Computing
  7. Sports teaching
  8. Construction

If your skills aren't listed, do not worry, get in touch and we'll match you to a suitable project as this is not an exhaustive list!