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Support & Advice

We provide a full support service before, during and after your expedition. You can, of course, contact us at any time with any further questions you may have.

Responsible Volunteering

Real life experience talks, "I arrived at the community business centre project with no brief, but I suppose it was to help improve it. It was down to me. I had to take what ever helpful action I could. I had to take a lead (that's always expected) and take responsibility. I got the staff to paint the property inside and out, we put up new signs and tried some staff training with help from US Aid. I left after 4 months as planned, but left them with a new allocation of land and a design for a new centre. Anything is possible with personal and project achievement depending on you".

If you are undecided about your life, want to re-invent yourself, refresh yourself, make your future sparkle, add to your CV, develop a more confident you, volunteering will help.

This is the time to think, the time to re-think - the time to take responsibility!

"Universities encourage it, employers value it and you learn a whole new set of life skills on the way".

This is your own volunteer project: Learn, experience, enjoy. Feel free, be liberated. Have time, time for travel, for new cultures, new friends, for useful volunteer work in your own project, immersion in new surroundings, gain an appreciation of cultural differences. So much to do - so much to give!

Keep an open-mind, experience new things, develop local relationships, stay relaxed and learn. It won't always be easy but it's not always easy at home! This is responsible volunteering which can really benefit the local community. Make it your project, your personal achievement.

Provide responsible assistance with building, painting and renovation projects. Help with schools, health centres, village communities, community tourism, skill training, bush camps, nature reserves, work experience placements. Develop out-of-school activities, such as play, homework, art, life skills. Paint a classroom, plant a vegetable garden, encourage conservation, re-learn your French, pick up some local language, teach English. You can do so much more than just your job.

We offer a programmed holiday and adventure trek with training and orientation followed by unstructured charity work as a volunteer development worker helping to develop or improve something or someone. Plus your own personal over-landing if you so choose to explore Africa.

We do not employ you - you agree to accept that you take the lead and responsibility for your placement's success.

We do not guarantee any particular type of placement as local needs change - be flexible and open-minded as before. Remember what your placement is asked to provide, namely a solo room with one main meal a day and if it's not satisfactory re-negotiate with them directly. You will have an emergency contact number through your guide, but it is just that! You will have your own community contact at the placement itself, there to support you.

Take a gap year, a career break, not just for students but 16s to 116s, Over ½m volunteers go from UK each year. A trip around the world is not a gap year. In the future you could take your babies on that but not on your volunteer projects!