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    來源:http://www.atvolunteers.com 日期:2022-09-01


    The color steel sandwich panel gives full play to its unique performance and has remarkable effects in fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation. It is applicable to the roofs and walls of steel structure plants, simple activity rooms, and the ceilings and partitions of air clean rooms. So what is the application of color steel sandwich panel in purification engineering? Jinan Caigang sandwich panel factory will analyze it for you below.


    1. The principle of color steel sandwich panel purification project: the local operation area of the process that needs to be cleaned shall be cleaned (pipe type), and the equipment area shall be cleaned separately. The personnel shall be isolated by special clean clothing, and the degree of cleanliness shall be controlled by controlling the number of ventilation.


    2. Design and construction of purification project: in the packaging workshop project of a pharmaceutical factory, the early improved color steel polystyrene sandwich plate was applied, and I-shaped aluminum and inner wall arc aluminum were used for plate connection. In order to ensure air tightness (the indoor and outdoor cleanliness levels are different, and the level will not be reduced by adjusting the air pressure level), transparent sealant is used.



    3. Application of color steel sandwich panel in purification project: the plate type installation connection structure is limited, and the purification room connected with I-shaped aluminum has some shortcomings. Each installation joint has two apparent joints, which increases the number of wall joints. The appearance is poor, the material is not uniform, the color is inconsistent, and the fire protection level is insufficient.


    4. After the appearance of the color steel rock wool board with internal socket and high fire resistance, the internal decoration of the purification plant has increased. The internal socket color steel rock wool board is naturally buckled through the plate male and female plugs, with uniform and small gaps, which makes up for the shortage of I-shaped aluminum connection in the past. It is widely used in the electronic industry, pharmaceutical industry, aerospace industry, etc.


    5. If the plate assembly process is incorrect, which will affect the installation period and the protection of finished products, the sequence should be adopted: installation of main and secondary keel of suspended ceiling - wallboard - ceiling top plate - doors and windows - trimming - self leveling epoxy mortar floor.


    6. The perpendicularity and flatness of the plate surface shall be strictly controlled during the installation of the plate, and the finished product shall be strictly protected. After the installation, the protective film shall be removed, and the plate joint after the plate surface is cleaned shall be sealed.


    This is the end of the application analysis of color steel sandwich panels in purification projects. You can refer to this for use. Of course, you should pay attention to the existence of problems and take preventive measures. For more related content, please visit our website http://www.atvolunteers.com Let's consult.



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