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    The color steel sandwich plate is a kind of structural plate with load-bearing capacity, which is composed of two layers of color coated steel plate as the surface layer, and core materials such as rigid foam plastics, rock wool board and other moisture-retaining materials, which have both rigidity and heat preservation but low strength. Because of its structural characteristics, this kind of plate is also called "sandwich board". According to the different parts of the building and the type of panel, it can be divided into roof panel, wallboard, partition board and ceiling board.


    As a new multi-functional building plate, the color steel sandwich board has the characteristics of excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, strong bearing capacity, bright color, flexible installation, low cost, waterproof and seismic resistance. It has been widely used in large industrial plants, steel structure plants, movable rooms, clean workshops and buildings since the 1980s. Additional storeys, temporary houses, warehouses, refrigerators, gymnasiums, supermarkets and places requiring thermal insulation and fire protection.



    The color steel sandwich board has beautiful appearance, brilliant color and good overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention and waterproofing, and does not need secondary decoration. It has the advantages of fast and convenient installation, short construction period and good comprehensive benefit. It is a widely used and highly potential high-efficiency building material.


    The good performance of color steel sandwich panel depends not only on the combination of panel and panel with core material, but also on the material of core material. However, there are more or less drawbacks in the heat preservation core materials commonly used in color steel sandwich panels, most of which can not meet the characteristics of high-efficiency fire protection and heat preservation, high temperature resistance and environmental friendliness at the same time. On the other hand, more and more manufacturers of this kind of products have produced similar products, resulting in fierce market competition. 。 Therefore, enterprises should adopt a new type of insulation core material to catch up with the strong momentum of continuous renewal and development in the field of color steel sandwich panels, improve the competitive advantage of products and achieve greater economic benefits.


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