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    The color steel sandwich panel has good sealing effect. The sandwich panel is generally produced by assembly line, and the appearance of the whole product is almost the same. Both sides of the sandwich panel are sealed with polyurethane, and the function of polyurethane is better. When selecting the sandwich panel, the color steel sandwich panel should be selected. What should I know about buying color steel sandwich panels? Jinan Caigang sandwich panel factory will explain it to you.


    When buying color steel sandwich panels, pay attention to whether toxic gases will be released when ignited. If so, it will not only endanger health, but also won't be approved in the construction industry.


    When choosing color steel sandwich panel, pay attention to its texture and easy processing. As the color steel sandwich panel has strict requirements on the construction period and is convenient to use, it can ensure more safe and reliable use.


    The selection of color steel sandwich panels shall be based on the actual application requirements and application sites to ensure that the purchased products meet the actual application requirements and application performance.



    From the price of color steel sandwich panel. All products are priced according to price. The price of high-quality products will naturally be higher. If the price is too low, we should consider it carefully. After the price comparison, check the thickness of the bottom plate and the coating of the color steel sandwich plate. Color steel sandwich panel is composed of base material and color coating.


    The thickness of standard color steel sandwich plate bottom plate is 0.02-0.05mm. If the thickness is too high or too low, it is a defective color steel sandwich plate. Not recommended. The thickness of the film or coating is generally less than 0.15mm, which looks very thin, so it must be determined according to the standard thickness when purchasing.


    The stiffness of the sandwich panel is very important. If it is too flexible, the sandwich plate is easy to bend and deform, causing collapse, etc. Polyurethane well seals the color steel interlayer, making polyurethane and color steel integrate. Moreover, the outer surface of the sandwich plate forms wavy compression, which is much higher than that of the ordinary color steel composite compression plate. When the color steel sandwich panel is firmly fixed by the slats, the rigidity and strength of the arrangement can also be better improved.


    Check the leakage of products from the appearance of color steel sandwich panels. The section of high-quality color steel sandwich plate is crystal clear, the feel is smooth and delicate, the appearance is free of impurities, and the lubrication is transparent. If rubbed by hand, it will not fade and shed its skin. However, the color of the defective color steel sandwich panel is dim. It feels rough and has fine impurity particles, so it looks not smooth.


    When selecting the purified color steel sandwich panel, the product shall be tapped by hand to judge the quality of the color steel sandwich panel from the prompt sound. For more information about purchasing or other aspects, please visit our website http://www.atvolunteers.com Let's consult.



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